Come join our group every Friday from 230 pm - 430 pm.
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What is DBSA?

The National Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance began in Chicago in the late 70’s with the purpose of starting a support group for patients with depression and bipolar disorder. The overall goal was to address the issue of stigma, to provide information and support and to offer examples of people with depression and/or bipolar disorder who had been successfully treated. The DBSA now has hundreds of chapters throughout the 50 states.

Our Greenwich Chapter

Over 20 years ago, recognizing the need within our community, contact was made with the national organization and a chapter was started in Greenwich, Connecticut. We have been pleased both with the response to the program and with our ability to have helped hundreds of patients and family members throughout the United States. We hold weekly meetings on Fridays from 2:30PM-4:30PM via Zoom. Email Dr. John Tamerin at for the link.

How Does It Work?

The only requirement for participation in our group, which is open to patients and family members, is that the participant with depression or bipolar disorder be under the supervision of a psychiatrist. There is no charge. All meetings are held on Zoom. Therefore, people with depression or bipolar disorder from anywhere in the world are welcome to attend are their friends and family who wish to learn more and be supportive.

Below, Dr. John Tamerin interviews Hakeem Rahim, mental health awareness expert diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2000.

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